Cooperation with Primo Cappuccino

My name is Ania and I am Primo Cappuccino author – the most read and engaging blog about Italy and one of the most visible travel blogs in the Internet.

I prepare coverage from trips in the form of stories about Italy and discuss the following topics: travelling in the slow mode, practical advices before travelling, tasting Italian cuisine, pleasant learning Italian language, culture (books, films, music), I conduct interviews, organize Italian meetings and inspire people to focus on quality, in every area of life.

I set up my blog in April 2014. Since then, the website has been visited by more than 1 000 000 people, generating more than 3 000 000 page views. An article about Bari has been read by more than 270 000 people in the last 2 years. Many of them decided to travel to this city only after reading my guide.

Readers respond to me with their great commitment. They know that I recommend only what I checked myself and what I would recommend to my loved ones.

According to a survey, 100% of the responders fully trust my recommendations.

Why is it worth cooperating with me?

Primo Cappuccino appears at the tops of travel blog rankings and blogs about Italy:

Best Blog about Italy in Poland

Blog of the year 2018, 1th place in online vote in the category Travels

Primo Cappuccino ranks 36nd out of 600 best travel blogs in Poland in terms of visibility in Google in 2018 (269 results in TOP 3, 1029 results in TOP 10).

Trust Flow rate is 7, Domain Authority rate is 29,

Engagement Rate on Instagram – 11,35%

High distinction in the ranking of the 125 most inspiring travel blogs

References to my brand can be found on the websites of many web developers (sample list at the end of the page)

Many of my articles were echoed widely on the Internet, noting several dozen or even hundreds of thousands of page views. (Guide to Bari – 270 200, article about learning Italian – 210 650, about preparation for travel – 190 100)

Primo Cappuccino is my own personal brand

I inspire my readers to travel in Italy and live in Italian way of life in Poland.

I do it, using: blog (44k UU per month)

newsletter Coffee Letter which reaches more than 5000 of the most involved people every week

author’s Calendar of Italian Events for 2018 and 2019

travel projects in Italian regions (link) and city guides (link)

actions among my community on a fan page on Facebook (11k) and Instagram (3,6k);

extensive activities on Facebook group: Prawdziwe Włochy” (eng. Real Italy) – a group of practitioners and enthusiasts (9. 5k)


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I invite to cooperate

Owners of accommodation and tour operators, advertising agencies, agencies promoting Italian regions, also publishing houses, travel and culinary magazines, owners of Italian restaurants and other interested entities.
What are you interested in?

patronage over the entry,

product placement,

link in the article,

post on Facebook,

post on Instagram,

cooperation including promotion of the region,

unique activities

Regardless of whether you already have a clearly defined plan or just an outline of an idea, we can work on it together. You tell me what effects, you want to achieve and I will tell you what opportunities I have. Together we are making a positive revolution :)
Entries created in cooperation with the brand are appropriately marked on the blog and in social media. This is the basis of trust that the readers put in me.
The cost of cooperation depends on many factors, including my involvement, the number and type of publications on the blog and in social media channels. I would be happy to talk about it with you. Together we will surely come up with something. Write to me at the address:

I write off as soon as possible, usually within a few hours.


Ania Myszkowska